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SP434 Jesus and Mary Chain

SP436 Modest Mouse
Never Ending Math Equation

SP437 Sukpatch
Stolen Chrome

SP438 Luna
Everybody's Talkin'
SP439 Team Dresch / Longstocking Split
SP442 Ron Sexsmith
You Alone
SP443 Creeper Lagoon
The Fountain
SP444 The Peechees
SP447 Love as Laughter
Nude Hos
SP448 Gary Lee Conner
Grasshopper's Dream
SP451 The Get Up Kids
10 Minutes
SP452 The Kent 3
The Sleeper
SP458 Beachwood Sparks
Midsummer Daydream
SP459 Dot Allison
Colour Me
SP462 Bonnie Prince Billy
Let's Start a Family
SP471 Pedro the Lion
Song A
SP473 Rusty Willoughby
Here Come the Weakened
SP472 Cooked Fingers
Atchafalayan Death Waltz
SP474 The Catheters
Put It Together
SP484 Mudhoney
Butterfly Stroke
SP488 The Amazing Crowns
Chop Shop
SP489 Fields of Gaffney
Cold Weather
SP492 The Dead C
SP496 Death Cab for Cutie
SP517 To Rococo Rot
SP494 The Yo-Yo's
Time of Your Life
SP518 The Creatures
Take Mine
SP519 Trumans Water
Miss Spaceship
SP522 Quadrajets
Bad Mojo at the Border
SP523 Zeke
Jack Torrance
SP524 Migala
The North of Fire
SP537 Railroad Jerk
Old McNeil
SP527 The White Stripes
Party of Special Things To Do
SP538 The Anniversary
What's My Name? My Name is...What!? What!?
SP542 Johnny Dowd
Mother Love
SP528 Bright Eyes
I Will Be Grateful For This Day.
SP526 Strictly Ballroom
SP541 Kinski
Penthouse Suite
SP539 Enon
The Nightmare of Atomic Men
SP543 The Tyde
The World's Strongest Man
SP572 Destroyer
The Music Lovers
SP573 J Mascis
Leaving on a Jet Plane
SP574 Pretty Girls Make Graves
More Sweet Soul
SP581 The Mountain Goats
Jam Eater Blues
SP582 Carissa's Wierd
You Should Be Hated Here
SP588 Mazarin
Memories Change in Patterns
SP570 Rye Coalition
Got This Thing on the Move
SP598 Iron and Wine
Call Your Boys
SP602 Ugly Casanova
Diggin' Holes
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