Welcome back!  I have been making little updates to site with some regularity, but I have not been posting about them for some time.  That changes now.  I am currently in the midst of some larger-scale stuff.  When I am done, each entry will have price trending information in addition to the values, which should add a little more useful context to my record valuations.  Next, I am adding “last updated” dates to the bottom of each entry.  This is a work in progress, but I am done updating parts of the site.  The Rocket from the Crypt pages are fully updated.  The content of the Afghan Whigs pages has been fully updated.  Most of the rest of the pages have updates in progress.  Slowly but surely.  I have also been spending some time trying to get my label, Shattered World Music, off the ground.  It turns out this takes time and money.  Who woulda thought?

Whigging Out

Today, I added a second Sub Pop LP page (SP51 – SP100).  I also cleaned up my Afghan Whigs pages a little.  I added a different picture of the blue-green marble version of Up In It (this one is a more accurate depiction of the color), along with a  blue marble version of Up In It, which I just discovered existed.  I re-worked the Somethin’ Hot 7″ entry, and I received proof that the clear vinyl Ornament 7″ existed.  Finally, I added an interesting pink marble variation of the Sister Brother 7″, which looks to be a cross between pink marble and purple marble.